Five Festive Holiday Plants Not to Put on Your Cupcakes

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Living plants can make beautiful additions to cupcakes any time of the year, but if you’re doing baking for the winter holidays, there are some plants that you definitely don’t want to use as living garnishes. Here are five living plants to keep confined to a pot and away from your treats:

1. Mistletoe – Mistletoe might be great for inspiring a holiday kiss but you definitely don’t want to put your lips on it! The berries, leaves and stems of mistletoe are all highly toxic and can cause sudden death if ingested.

2. Holly – Mildly toxic, holly berries aren’t know to cause symptoms when you consume just one or two, but it’s still not wise to use them as cupcake decorations.

3. Poinsettia – While not known to cause death when ingested by humans, poinsettia flowers will cause very unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects if eaten.

4. Pine branches – A sprig of pine might look very beautiful on a cupcake, but like poinsettia, it can cause stomach problems. Rosemary can make a good substitute as it has needle-like leaves.

5. Amaryllis – The bright red flower is often used for decorating around the holidays, but you don’t want to place one on a cupcake. The flower can cause everything from heart arrhythmia to seizures.


5 Tips for Bringing Cupcakes to a Holiday Party

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If you’ve volunteered to do some baking for a holiday get-together, you want to be sure your treats look their best and are delicious when you arrive. To get the best possible results, follow these simple tips:
1. Icing cupcakes at the party is a simple way to ensure that they look their best. Just be sure to let the icing sit when you arrive to allow it to warm up and be easier to spread.

2. Cold winter weather is ideal for keeping cupcakes fresh when you’re transporting them, but you don’t want your treats to freeze. Avoid packing the car too early to avoid this problem.

3. When you’re transporting your cupcakes, be sure not to place them in front of a heating vent in your vehicle. If it’s not possible to position them away from the heat. Close the vents or find a way to safely cover them.

4. If you’re unlikely to be baking cupcakes again in the future, a cardboard cupcake stand is a great option, as it can be used once and then simply disposed of by the host or hostess of the party.

5. Are you the regular baker for the holiday get-togethers, birthdays and other events? Investing in a plastic or acrylic cupcake stand can help you save money and give you a great option for reusing again and again.

For personalized recommendations as to which cupcake stand will be the best for your treats, feel free to contact us.

How to Fill a Cupcake

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Filled cupcakes give you a sweet surprise when you get to their middles, and they can be a great way to salvage cupcakes that didn’t cook all the way through or that sunk when they cooled. To get perfect filled cupcakes, just follow these simple steps.

1. Place your favorite filling in a pastry bag and select a round tip.

2. Make a hole in your cupcake by cutting a small circle around the top.

3. Use a spoon or a small apple corer to remove some of the middle. Go about halfway down into the cupcake. Be careful not to go all the way through.

4. Place the tip of the pastry bag against the hole that you created.

5. Gently squeeze. Use continuous pressure but be careful not to use too much force.

6. Fill the cupcake to the top of the hole.

7. Use a cake spreader to flatten the icing over the hole.

8. Ice your cupcakes as desired.

Hanukkah Cupcake Ideas

If you’ll be entertaining for Hanukkah or just want to have some sweet treats around to enjoy throughout the festival, cupcakes are a great choice. They are great for enjoying along with fried fare and appeal to adults and kids alike. Check out these unique Hanukkah cupcakes for some decoration inspiration.

1. Letter Cupcakes

Sugar Daze

These beautiful cupcakes are a mix of chocolate and vanilla topped with blue stars and letters to spell out the Chanukkah. Sanding sugar is dusted on as a special finishing touch.

2. Snowflakes and Hannukah

Photo by A Baked Creation

These cupcakes are decorated with snow flakes, a menorah, the Star of David and a dreidel mad out of blue and white fondant.

3. Simple Star of David Cupcakes

Photo by JGLSongs

These simple cupcakes are topped with chocolate or vanilla icing and a blue Star of David and then dusted with light blue sugar.

4. Blue Cupcakes for Hanukkah

Photo by AllCupcakedOut

These unique cupcakes are blue in color and topped with white icing, a candy Star of David and yellow sugar.

5. Candy Topped Hanukkah Cupcakes

Photo by CakesbyHuli

You can get this look with fondant as shown in the picture or by placing candies atop white icing.

6. Chocolate Topped

Photo by Arina Habich

These cupcakes are packaged in beautiful wrappers and topped with chocolate menorahs an Star of David candies.

7. Kids Craft Cupcakes

Photo by Chica and Jo

Enlist the kids’ help with your baking! Have them make cute cupcake collars like these. Laminate them and then use them to present some simple frosted treats.

If you would like some help with selecting a cupcake stand for your Hanukkah cupcakes, contact us for assistance!



6 Cute Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

Want to serve something besides pumpkin pie to finish off your Turkey Day meal? Cupcakes are a great choice because they are small and won’t be too hard to squeeze into bellies that are already full of turkey and all of the fixings. Here are 6 different creative ways to decorate your Thanksgiving cupcakes:

1. Plastic Turkeys and Festive Sprinkles



The smooth fondant icing and colorful sprinkles dress up these plastic gobblers perfectly.

2. Chocolate Turkey Toppers

Photo by Sweet Cakery

Made out of chocolate pieces, a bonbon, white icing and candy corns, these turkey toppers are adorable.

3. Nutter Butter Turkeys

Photo by Meringue Bake Shop

Nutter butter cookies, fruit leather and icing come together perfectly to make these yummy turkeys.

4. Fondant Turkeys

Photo by Sugar Daze

Fondant chocolate has been sculpted to make the tails for these yummy little turkey cupcakes, which also have candy corn and chocolate faces.

5. Simple Candy Corn Turkeys

Photo by Eric F. Savage

Even if you’re not very handy when it comes to decorating, you can make these treats with ease. Just place a dollop of chocolate toward the front of the cakes for the head and add a candy corn for the beak. Then stick additional candies on the other side to make your tail.

6. Turkey Leg Cupcakes

Photo by lasandri

These cupcakes would definitely earn you some chuckles at the dinner table! To make them, mount up your white icing, coat with crushed nuts or cookies and then add a white chocolate “bone.”

Need help selecting the perfect cupcake stand to show off your cupcakes on Thanksgiving Day? Contact us for assistance!

5 Tips for Making Perfect Cupcakes from Cake Mix

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Many home bakers shy away from using cake mix for making cupcakes because even though cakes and cupcakes are similar, the ideal cupcake differs from cake in its richness and consistency. Still, you can get great results from baking cupcakes with a cake mix just by making a few small changes to the recipe on the box. For best results, follow these tips:

1. Use buttermilk in place of water. The tang of buttermilk helps to make cupcakes more flavorful and richer. If you have leftover buttermilk, freeze it in an ice cube tray to use for subsequent cupcake baking.

2. Add four eggs per box of cake mix. Regardless of the recipe of the box, use four eggs to get a dense, moist cupcake every time.

3. Warm ingredients to room temperature. Your eggs and buttermilk should be at room temperature before use. While you don’t want to leave the items outside of the fridge long enough to pose a danger, you don’t want them to feel cold to the touch.

4. Use a stand or hand mixer for blending and continue mixing for five minutes to ensure that enough air enters the batter.

5. If you’re making a large batch of cupcakes and need to reuse the pans over and over, be sure to let them cool for at least 15 minutes before filling them.

Five Types of Pans for Baking Cupcakes

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When you’re baking cupcakes, deciding what pan you’ll use is every bit as important as selecting the right recipe. There are five main types of cupcake pans from which you can choose. To help you make the best choice for your needs, here’s a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks of each one:

Aluminum – Inexpensive and light in weight, an aluminum cupcake pan is unlikely to rust and very good at conducting heat throughout the treats. This type is the least strong, so care must be taken to prevent it from becoming bent.

Aluminized Steel – This variety of pan has a very strong steel base that is dipped inside of an aluminum coating. This makes the pan ultra sturdy, conductive and resistant to corrosion. Many professional bakers prefer aluminized steel.

Cast Aluminum – A stronger version of the classic aluminum pan, cast aluminum is very solid. Often, these pans are darker and become much hotter than standard aluminum. You should plan to tailor the baking time to accommodate the more rapid cooking that can occur with this metal.

Carbon Steel – A more expensive type of baking pan, this is one of the strongest varieties of bakeware. A major benefit of carbon steel is that it can be used for low temperature baking, which is required for certain specialty cakes.

Nonstick – These pans have a special coating over their metal bases. This can keep baked goods from sticking, but is often not needed because cupcakes are baked in papers or silicone cups. Some studies have raised concerns about the safety of some chemicals used in nonstick pans, and their surfaces can become scratched if not handled carefully.



5 Simple Cupcake Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and if you need to do some last minute planning for Halloween treats, there’s no reason to panic. Cupcakes don’t have to be fancy to be very festive for the holiday. Check out these ultra simple cupcake decorating ideas to make some great treats that aren’t a trick to prepare.


1. Candy Corn Cupcakes

Photo by M.E.C.

These cupcakes are colorful and simple to make for Halloween. Just ice chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put one candy corn in the middle to have some yummy treats ready in a jiff.

2. Crafty Cupcakes

Photo by Jason Alley

If you’re more of a crafter than a baker, these cupcakes are right up your alley. They are black and orange confetti cupcakes topped with peach frosting, orange and black sprinkles and cardboard bats and ghosts on toothpicks.

3. Star Tip Frosting

Photo by Ikayama

With a star tip, you can make these fancy frosted cupcakes. Just pipe small dollops of frosting al over the top and finish with festive sprinkles. These are shaped like pumpkins and bats.

4. Plastic Pumpkins

Photo by Meringue Bake Shop

You can have these cute cupcakes ready in a flash. Just frost your cupcakes with vanilla icing, dust them with orange sugar and pop a plastic pumpkin topper in the center.

5. Squirmy Worms

Photo by

These cupcakes are creepy and cute at the same time. To make them, place eyes on gummy worms using dots of black icing. Then, arrange them on top of cupcakes that have been frosted with neon green icing.

Need a great stand to display your Halloween cupcakes? Check out our cardboard cupcake stands, which you can decorate to match your treats!


Cupcake Trends for 2014 Weddings

Just as in fashion and home decor, trends come and go in the world of weddings. Each year, new trends emerge and inspire many brides. The trends for weddings greatly influence the design of wedding cupcakes, and if you’re planning a wedding of your own, you may want to incorporate one of these elements in your big day.

1. Coral Cupcakes

Photo by Milly’s Cupcakes

Coral is a hot color for 2014 weddings and can make for very beautiful cupcakes.

2. English Garden Cupcakes

Photo by Sahrish~Creating Individuality

Victorian themes are very popular for 2014 weddings, and mini cupcakes inspired by the beauty of English gardens are all the rage.

3.Art Deco Cupcakes

Photo by Heidi Stone

Since the release of the Great Gatsby, many brides have been dreaming of 20s-inspired wedding receptions, and art deco cupcakes are perfect for adding to that vibe.

4. Rustic Cupcakes

Photo by Cupcakes by Paolo

Rustic looks are going to big a trend in 2014, and simple cupcakes in shades of brown, beige and white can look chic while adding to the theme.

5. Mint Green Cupcakes

Photo by Red Kitchen Bakery

Mint green is another popular color for 2014 weddings, and a lovely choice for decorating cupcakes.

6. Rose Cupcakes

Photo by Bassetts Farm

Roses have always been a traditional flower for weddings, but in 2014, these beautiful blossoms will be extra stylish.

7. Whimsical Cupcakes

Photo by Sweetie Darling Cakes

Cupcakes that are adorably decorated and reflective of the bride and groom’s tastes and interests will also be popular for 2014 weddings.

If you need help choosing a cupcake stand to suit your wedding theme, contact us for personalized advice.




The Best Pumpkin Cupcake Recipes for Fall

Photo by RichardBowen


With fall officially here, it’s time to set the mood for the season in a delicious way. At popular coffee chains and donut shops, pumpkin donuts and coffees are back for the season, so it’s the perfect time of year to bake some pumpkin cupcakes. To help you make some yummy treats in honor of autumn, we scoured the Internet for the best pumpkin cupcake recipes around. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting – These decadent cupcakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction feature chocolate chip pumpkin cakes topped with a gooey dark chocolate. These are perfect for enjoying with a tall glass of milk after raking leaves.


2. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Inspired by traditional carrot cake recipes, this yummy creation from Martha Stewart uses pumpkin puree for flavor and a rich cream cheese frosting on top. Finish them off with candied or marzipan pumpkins.


3. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting – From the Food Network show “Down Home with the Neelys,” these cupcakes just taste like fall! They have a spicy cake that is sweetened up by a maple syrup frosting for an extra special treat.


4. Two Ingredient Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes – This scrumptious cupcake recipe from Picky Palate uses just two ingredients–cake mix and canned pumpkin! Finish it off with canned frosting or the blog’s Pumpkin Spice Brown Butter Frosting for an exceptionally simple fall baking project.


5. Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting – Sticky caramel pairs perfectly with these yummy brown butter pumpkin cupcakes created by Two Peas and Their Pod. These are a lovely way to finish off a fall dinner party, as they are pretty as they are delicious.

For help selecting the right cupcake stand to display your pumpkin cupcakes, don’t hesitate to contact us!