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When you’re baking cupcakes for a special event, nothing is more stressful than an unexpected baking catastrophe. One of the most common disasters that can strike home bakers is underdone cupcakes. Sometimes cupcakes may appear done to the naked eye or even come clean when you test them with a cake tester, but be too gooey in the centers when you actually taste one. If you have a batch of underdone cupcakes on your hands, the best thing to do is to bake a fresh batch. To cut down on food waste, salvage as much of the cupcakes as you can and then crumble them. Layer them with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or sundae toppings in a decorative bowl to make a trifle that you can serve at your event as an extra dessert or enjoy at home. Before baking your fresh batch, you should first test the temperature of your oven, as often times, undercooked middles occur when the oven is too hot. Take a kitchen thermometer and place it at the middle of your oven. Set it to your desired temperature and leave the thermometer inside for about 10 minutes. Then, open the door and quickly read the temperature. If your oven is hotter than expected, adjust your baking temperature accordingly. For example, if your cupcakes should be baked at 350 degrees and your oven thermometer is reading 375 degrees, you would want to make your cupcakes at 325 because the oven is 25 degrees too hot. Don’t have time to bake a new batch? The other options is to scoop out the middles and fill them with cream or fruit filing and then ice as usual. Your guests won’t ever know that you had a baking disaster. If you’d like more baking advice or need help deciding how to display your cupcakes, feel free to contact us.

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