4 Tips for Cupcake Favors

Cupcake favors in plastic cups by Bird on a Cake

Cupcakes aren’t just great for serving at parties; they also make very beautiful favors that your friends and family members can enjoy when they get home. Using cupcakes as favors is perfect for all types of events and is especially popular for baby and bridal showers.

If you’re considering giving cupcakes out as favors, follow these tips, and you can be sure that you give your guests the perfect sweet finish to your special day.

Choose wisely. The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re using cupcakes as favors is that many guests won’t be eating them right away. Long car rides home can take their toll on some types of cupcakes, so you’ll want to choose a type that won’t easily spoil. We recommend a buttercream icing, which doesn’t need to be quickly refrigerated. Also, avoid using any type of cream or fruit filling inside.

Decorate appropriately. You naturally want your cupcake favors to be beautiful, but some types of decorations just aren’t conducive for packing cupcakes to go. The best bet is to stick to beautifully piped cupcakes that are decorated with candies or sanding sugars. These can be very lovely, yet will be easy to package. For a special finishing touch, choose printed cupcake wrappers to match your theme.

Wrap them up right. How you package your cupcake favors will determine whether your guests have something tasty to eat  or a mess on their hands when they get home. Our favorite way for packaging cupcakes is to place them inside of low plastic punch cups and then wrapping those with cellophane. This makes it easy to see the cupcakes inside and allows them to be placed in the drink holder of a car.

Display with style. Presentation is the final element to having memorable favor cupcakes. You’ll want to select a stand that has a flat surface instead of rings like a cardboard CupcakeTree that you can decorate or an elegant PVC cupcake stand.

Need advice on selecting a cupcake stand for your favors? Feel free to contact us for assistance. We’ll be glad to help you find the perfect stand for your needs.

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