4 Ways to Use Leftover Easter Candy for Baking Cupcakes and More

Photo by CliffandAlly


With Easter comes time for celebrating with family, colorful eggs and visits from the Easter Bunny. Another thing you’ll find in abundance is Easter candy, and if you have children, you may have lots and lots of Easter candy.

So what can you do with all that leftover Easter candy? Here are some ideas for ways that you can use them in your cupcake baking!

Marshmallow peeps can be used to make marshmallow fondant icing. Just melt one box of peeps in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix with 3 cups of powder sugar. Roll it out with a rolling pin and then cut it into fun shapes to put on cupcakes.

– Small chocolate eggs, Hershey’s kisses and mini peanut butter cups can be used as centerpieces in peanut butter blossom cookies. You can get a great recipe for them on the Hershey’s website.

– Jellybeans make beautiful, colorful accents for white icing and can be used like over-sized sprinkles.

– Large chocolate bunnies and other candies can be shaved and used as toppings on cupcakes or added to the batter to make a variation of a chocolate chip cookie.

To make a fun presentation with your left over Easter candy cupcakes, try a cardboard cupcake tree that you’ve decorated with repurposed Easter decorations, such as Easter grass spray-painted a metallic or bold color.

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