5 Tips for Bringing Cupcakes to a Holiday Party

Photo by Cooknken


If you’ve volunteered to do some baking for a holiday get-together, you want to be sure your treats look their best and are delicious when you arrive. To get the best possible results, follow these simple tips:
1. Icing cupcakes at the party is a simple way to ensure that they look their best. Just be sure to let the icing sit when you arrive to allow it to warm up and be easier to spread.

2. Cold winter weather is ideal for keeping cupcakes fresh when you’re transporting them, but you don’t want your treats to freeze. Avoid packing the car too early to avoid this problem.

3. When you’re transporting your cupcakes, be sure not to place them in front of a heating vent in your vehicle. If it’s not possible to position them away from the heat. Close the vents or find a way to safely cover them.

4. If you’re unlikely to be baking cupcakes again in the future, a cardboard cupcake stand is a great option, as it can be used once and then simply disposed of by the host or hostess of the party.

5. Are you the regular baker for the holiday get-togethers, birthdays and other events? Investing in a plastic or acrylic cupcake stand can help you save money and give you a great option for reusing again and again.

For personalized recommendations as to which cupcake stand will be the best for your treats, feel free to contact us.

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