6 Cupcake Ideas for Fall

Holding an event that you want to make a little more special with a fall theme? Cupcakes can be lovely treats for any fall gathering, particularly when you arrange them on an attractive cupcake stand.

To help inspire your autumn baking, here are six of our favorite fall cupcake ideas:


1. Fondant Leaves

Photo by Kristin Ausk

These pretty cupcakes are pumpkin frosted with white icing and topped with simple cutout fondant leaves.

2. Candy Leaves

Photo by Yeasaris

If you don’t want to try your luck with fondant, you can make some beautiful treats with colored leaf candies like these yummy looking chocolate and white frosted sweets.

3. Cookie Topped

Photo by A Baked Creation

These pretty chocolate cupcakes are frosted with a pastel orange-red frosting and then topped with a mini leaf-shaped sugar cookie.

4. Festive Confetti

Photo by Stephy Cupcakes

With festive cupcake wrappers, just simple sprinkles can make for gorgeous fall cupcakes.

5. Multicolored Frosting and Flowers

Photo by The Girl Who Owns the World

Here, fall leaf-colored frosting and fondant flowers dress up some simple cupcakes. Faux fall foliage is added to the cupcake stand to complete the design.

6. Mums

Photo by Dixie Belle Cupcake Cafe

Mums are synonymous with fall and make for breathtaking cupcakes. Place candy pearls at the center of your treats for a perfect finishing touch.

Need help choosing the perfect cupcake stand to complete your fall display? Contact us for assistance!

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