6 Cute Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

Want to serve something besides pumpkin pie to finish off your Turkey Day meal? Cupcakes are a great choice because they are small and won’t be too hard to squeeze into bellies that are already full of turkey and all of the fixings. Here are 6 different creative ways to decorate your Thanksgiving cupcakes:

1. Plastic Turkeys and Festive Sprinkles



The smooth fondant icing and colorful sprinkles dress up these plastic gobblers perfectly.

2. Chocolate Turkey Toppers

Photo by Sweet Cakery

Made out of chocolate pieces, a bonbon, white icing and candy corns, these turkey toppers are adorable.

3. Nutter Butter Turkeys

Photo by Meringue Bake Shop

Nutter butter cookies, fruit leather and icing come together perfectly to make these yummy turkeys.

4. Fondant Turkeys

Photo by Sugar Daze

Fondant chocolate has been sculpted to make the tails for these yummy little turkey cupcakes, which also have candy corn and chocolate faces.

5. Simple Candy Corn Turkeys

Photo by Eric F. Savage

Even if you’re not very handy when it comes to decorating, you can make these treats with ease. Just place a dollop of chocolate toward the front of the cakes for the head and add a candy corn for the beak. Then stick additional candies on the other side to make your tail.

6. Turkey Leg Cupcakes

Photo by lasandri

These cupcakes would definitely earn you some chuckles at the dinner table! To make them, mount up your white icing, coat with crushed nuts or cookies and then add a white chocolate “bone.”

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