9 Creative Ways to Use a Cupcake Stand

When we think of cupcake stands, we almost always picture a beautiful selection of cupcakes arranged on each tier or combined with a cake, but when you purchase a durable stand like the Cupcaketree, you can use the stand in a multitude of unique ways when you’re hosting an event.

Here are some of our favorite uses for the Cupcaketree:


1. Tarts

Photo by Cakes by Lyn

For this wedding, the Original Round Cupcake Stand was decorated with beautiful tarts topped with hearts and finished with yellow roses and maribou.

2. Burgers

How cute is this stand full of McDonald’s cheeseburgers? This could be done at a birthday party or a corporate event where takeout burgers are served for lunch or dinner.

3. Macarons

Macarons are so pretty on their own that this Mini Round Cupcaketree didn’t need much embellishing beyond a coat of chocolate brown spray paint and some robin’s egg blue trim.

4. Chocolates

The Mini Round Cupcaketree has been transformed here into a chocolate lover’s ultimate fantasy. The ribbon trim and topper were inspired by the Florida Gators.

5. Gobs or Moon Pies

This unique design shows that with a bit of lace and foral trim a simple dessert like red velvet gobs can look formal on a Mini Round Cupcaketree.

6. Doughnuts

It’s amazing how beautiful doughnuts can be when placed on the Mini Square Cupcake Stand. This arrangement also makes them very easy for guests to grab.

7. Dessert Cups

These colorful dessert cups are enhanced by the red covering and ribbon trim used on this Petite Square Cupcake stand. The stand could also be used for jello or even shots of liquor.

8. Petit Fours

These petit fours decorated like gifts look beautiful with this turquoise version of the Petite Square Cupcaketree.

9. The Whole Dessert Table

With creative arranging, you can beautifully display all of the desserts for a buffet or cocktail party on one Petite Square Cupcaketree.

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