Back to School Cupcake Ideas

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the middle of August and school is just around the corner. Many kids are sad to see the summer come to an end, but you can make the transition more fun by doing something special for your children. Baking cupcakes for the first day of school is a fun idea that kids are sure to love. To give you some baking inspiration, here are some adorable Back to School cupcake ideas.

1. Blackboard Cupcakes

Photo by Sh4rp_i

These cute Back to School cupcakes are chocolate with yellow icing. A red M&M and a green sprinkle makes an apple and a larger white sprinkle is a piece of chalk. Chocolate blackboards complete the design.

2. School Supplies Cupcakes

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These cute cupcakes are minis, which are great for kids because of their small size. The decorations for the cupcakes are typical school supplies.

3. Chocolate Apple Cupcakes

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Kids love chocolate, and these Back to School cupcakes are sure to satisfy any chocolate craving with their fudgy cake and fluffy chocolate icing.

4. Doodle Cupcakes

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You don’t have to be handy with the pastry bag or skilled at fondant sculpting to make cute Back to School Cupcakes. These ones are simply dusted with sanding sugar. Then, custom school-inspired sticks are placed in the top. You could create these by hand or print them on the computer.

5. Confetti Cupcakes

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What kid could feel sad about going back to school with one of these colorful cupcakes in front of them? The confetti sprinkles make these very cheerful, and you can easily get school-related images like these from free clip art sites.

You can make back to school cupcakes more festive by placing them on a stand decorated to match your cupcake theme. Our PVC and plastic cupcake stands are a sturdy, durable option for a classroom display. Contact us for size recommendations and decorating advice.


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