Cupcake Stands for Breakfast

While even the most delicious of cupcakes may be too sweet to enjoy with your morning coffee, other pastries are commonplace at continental breakfasts and brunches. If you’re hosting an event or run a food service business, conference center or hotel that frequently offers buffet breakfasts and brunches, a cupcake stand can make for an attractive display.

Here’s are recommendations for the perfect cupcake stands for many different breakfast pastries:

The Amelia Cupcake Stand is perfect for muffins



Muffins look very attractive when presented on specialty cupcake stands with individual platforms, such as the Black 12-Armed Amelia Cupcake Stand. These stands are perfect for complementing the shape of the muffin, and their broad platforms will work with most size pastries.







Try the Isabella for a beautiful scone display.


Scones can be tricky to serve, as they have a rather plain appearance and can look boring and even unappetizing on a regular tray. Choose a cupcake stand that has a refined finished look to dress up your scones. We love the Isabella Banded Cupcake Stand, which has the look of a beautiful English tea tray. Leave the top tier empty and place two scones on opposite corners of the second tier for an elegant presentation.





This foam core stand is great for donuts, bagels and cinnamon rolls.




Bagels, donuts and cinnamon rolls require large stands with plenty of open space. A square-shaped stand like the Plastic Foam Core 3-Tier Cupcake Tower will beautifully balance the shape of these treats.




Make a beautiful blossom with the Flower Tower and your danishes.





Danishes are colorful, thanks to their delicious fillings. When you add them to a flower-shaped cupcake stand like the Adjustable 3-Tier Flower Tower and separate them according to their fillings, you’ll create a vibrant blossom that will perfectly complete your buffet table.








For advice on which cupcake stand to choose for other specialty breakfast pastries, feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly assist you with selecting the perfect stand for your needs.

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