Cupcakes Vs Cake Pops: Which Is Right for Your Birthday Party?

Photo by Ayca13

Cupcakes and cake pops are both very popular treat options for birthday parties because they’re kid friendly and easy to bake. But which one should you choose for your child’s next party? Read on to see how these desserts stack up to one another.

1. Cake pops are generally smaller in size, so they are great for small children and for moms who want to limit how much sugar kids are given at parties.

2. Cupcakes offer greater flexibility for decorating, meaning you can customize them more for the party.

3. Cake pops are usually easier to eat than cupcakes and create less mess.

4. Cupcakes can more easily be outfitted with candles for singing Happy Birthday!

5. Cake pops can be eaten away from the table, while cupcakes normally must be eaten sitting down.

6. Cupcakes are bigger and ideal for parties where there will be adults with bigger appetites than kids in attendance.

7. Cake pops can be taken home more easily, as they are simple to wrap in cellophane for traveling.

8. Cupcakes can be filled with fruit, cream and other fillings to make them extra special. This is more difficult with cake pops.

9. Both cupcakes and cake pops can be displayed in style with cake pop stands and cupcake cake stands. If you need help selecting the perfect stand for your birthday party, contact us for advice!

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