Easy Ideas for Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Whether you want to surprise your Valentine with some delicious treats, are throwing a party for friends or family or are in charge of bringing in Valentine’s treats to your child’s classroom, cupcakes are a perfect choice. To give you some baking inspiration, we have gathered some of our favorite Valentine’s Day cupcake ideas.

Photo by loosends


With their bright red cake, Red Velvet Cupcakes can make a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat and look lovely when finished with simple cream cheese frosting. To add some elegance and really show off the color of the cakes, pick a clear acrylic cupcake stand for displaying.


Photo by Clare’s Cupcakes

Traditional red roses and candy conversation heartscan be combined to make some very unique and beautiful Valentine’s Day cupcakes. For intricate designs, choose a simple, yet stylish cupcake stand like our round PVC cupcake stand.


Photo by SmittenKittenOrig

If you’re not a whizz at decorating, not to worry. Valentine’s Day cupcakes don’t have to be fancy to be fun. By using fun accents like plastic heart toppers or shiny foil or decorative paper wrappers, you can easily add some holiday flair to traditional chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. To dress up your cupcakes, place them on a specialty cupcake stand like the Sofia.


Photo by Heather Meek


If kids will be enjoying your Valentine’s treats, go the cake pop route for an easy-to-eat snack. For parties at home, you can even allow the kids to decorate their own cake pop favors and then place them in a PVC cake pop stand to let them dry until it’s time to go home.

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