Forks and Serving Cupcakes at Weddings

Photo by Doug88888

If you’re planning to serve cupcakes at your wedding, you’re likely thinking about the perfect way to decorate and display them to coordinate with your theme. But what about how your guests will eat them? One thing that you’ll need to decide is whether or not you want to make forks available.

Most people prefer to eat cupcakes with their fingers. In fact, etiquette states that cupcakes are finger foods, meaning even Emily Post wouldn’t frown at your lack of forks on the big day. Still, some guests may prefer not to eat a cupcake with their bare hands. We all know that cupcakes can be messy to eat, and at a wedding, many people want to ensure that they look their best.

Many experts recommend having forks available to guests. One option is to have small dessert forks set on the table, so that guests have the option to use them if they wish. You can also have dessert forks on the cupcake table if you plan to have your cupcakes be self-serve. At a reception where servers will be passing out the cupcakes, ask the caterer to be certain that every guest is offered a dessert fork. People may be hesitant to make a special request for a fork from the server and will appreciate being offered one.

If you do choose to place the dessert forks on the table with your cupcakes, you have the option of lining them up or placing them in a container that matches your cupcake stand. If you’d like advice on how to arrange the table, feel free to contact us.

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