Hanukkah Cupcake Ideas

If you’ll be entertaining for Hanukkah or just want to have some sweet treats around to enjoy throughout the festival, cupcakes are a great choice. They are great for enjoying along with fried fare and appeal to adults and kids alike. Check out these unique Hanukkah cupcakes for some decoration inspiration.

1. Letter Cupcakes

Sugar Daze

These beautiful cupcakes are a mix of chocolate and vanilla topped with blue stars and letters to spell out the Chanukkah. Sanding sugar is dusted on as a special finishing touch.

2. Snowflakes and Hannukah

Photo by A Baked Creation

These cupcakes are decorated with snow flakes, a menorah, the Star of David and a dreidel mad out of blue and white fondant.

3. Simple Star of David Cupcakes

Photo by JGLSongs

These simple cupcakes are topped with chocolate or vanilla icing and a blue Star of David and then dusted with light blue sugar.

4. Blue Cupcakes for Hanukkah

Photo by AllCupcakedOut

These unique cupcakes are blue in color and topped with white icing, a candy Star of David and yellow sugar.

5. Candy Topped Hanukkah Cupcakes

Photo by CakesbyHuli

You can get this look with fondant as shown in the picture or by placing candies atop white icing.

6. Chocolate Topped

Photo by Arina Habich

These cupcakes are packaged in beautiful wrappers and topped with chocolate menorahs an Star of David candies.

7. Kids Craft Cupcakes

Photo by Chica and Jo

Enlist the kids’ help with your baking! Have them make cute cupcake collars like these. Laminate them and then use them to present some simple frosted treats.

If you would like some help with selecting a cupcake stand for your Hanukkah cupcakes, contact us for assistance!



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