How to Choose the Right Piping Tip for Cupcakes

Smooth frosting made with a round tip; photo by AllisonAllison

Even those who are masters at using a pastry bag to ice cakes are often perplexed with just how to choose the right piping tips for cupcakes. To get a perfect mound of icing, using the right tip is key, but fortunately, choosing the perfect piping tip can be easy if you keep a few tips in mind.

Highly textured icing made with a small-toothed tip; photo by Dixie Belle Cupcake Cafe

  • Always use jumbo tips for icing cupcakes. While smaller tips may be good for decorative embellishments, only jumbo tips will create thick enough trails of icing to make a traditional swirl design.
  • For a completely smooth look, choose round piping tips for cupcakes. The wider the opening, the thicker each “layer” of your swirl will be.
  • If you want a textured swirl, choose open star piping tips. While a closed tip will give you a similar look, an open tip keeps the icing centered at the middle of the cupcake, making the cake easier to handle and less messy to eat.

    Moderate textured icing made with a tip with a few, larger teeth; photo by Tawest 64

  • The more small teeth you see on a star piping tip, the more texture the piece will add to the cupcakes. If you want a soft textured look, opt for an open star with only a few large teeth.

For more advice about decorating cupcakes or for help choosing a stand that perfectly complements your piping, contact us.

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