How to Choose the Shape of a Cupcake Stand

With so many gorgeous options available for displaying cupcakes at a wedding, shower, birthday party or other event, choosing which one will be perfect for your needs can be a difficult task.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together this handy guide! By answering the following questions, you can narrow down your options and quickly find the best stand for you.

Large cupcake stands like the Isabella, shown here, are ideal for big events.



How many cupcakes are you serving?

Before you even begin to consider what shape of a cupcake stand will work best for your event, you’ll need to know how many cupcakes you’ll be displaying. For smaller events, you can purchase a small cupcake stand and replenish the cupcakes partway through the day if necessary, but for weddings and other large gatherings, it’s generally a good idea to purchase a large cupcake stand that can hold all of your treats.



A square shaped stand like this one made of foam core is attractive along a buffet line.


Where will the cupcakes be displayed?

If your cupcakes will be placed alone on a table, choosing a round cupcake stand makes your display look like a formal cake. Using a stand with a unique shape can also make the cupcake display a beautiful focal point. Square cupcake stands look wonderful when placed along a buffet line, as they add a different shape to the spread. When displayed on their own, square cupcake stands look attractive surrounded by round votive candles or a ring of fresh flowers.




Cupcake stands with ring holders like the Sofia are best for grown-up events.


Who is attending your event?

For a kids’ birthday party, a flat stand rather than a stand that uses rings to hold the cupcakes is often best because children’s little fingers may struggle with lifting the treats out of the stand. If you have an adults’ only-crowd, a freeform specialty stand with rings can be an elegant statement.




For more advice on selecting the right cupcake stand for your needs, feel free to contact us here at Totally Cupcake. We’ll be glad to offer you personalized advice about which stand in our collection will work the best for you!

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