How to Fill a Cupcake

Photo by Cookielynn


Filled cupcakes give you a sweet surprise when you get to their middles, and they can be a great way to salvage cupcakes that didn’t cook all the way through or that sunk when they cooled. To get perfect filled cupcakes, just follow these simple steps.

1. Place your favorite filling in a pastry bag and select a round tip.

2. Make a hole in your cupcake by cutting a small circle around the top.

3. Use a spoon or a small apple corer to remove some of the middle. Go about halfway down into the cupcake. Be careful not to go all the way through.

4. Place the tip of the pastry bag against the hole that you created.

5. Gently squeeze. Use continuous pressure but be careful not to use too much force.

6. Fill the cupcake to the top of the hole.

7. Use a cake spreader to flatten the icing over the hole.

8. Ice your cupcakes as desired.

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