How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Cupcakes

Cupcakes topped with rosemary like these can help keep insects away. Photo by Thien-Kim


Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, a birthday party or a family reunion, you go to great lengths to make sure every detail is perfect to please your guests. Still, you may not plan for some uninvited party crashers that like to appear during the summer. It’s not wedding crashers that you need to worry about; it’s bugs and insects. Nothing can ruin the atmosphere of a party faster than ants, flies and bees invading your dessert table.

To keep your cupcake stand clear of buggy guests this summer, follow these tips.

– Before setting up your table, wipe it down with plain white vinegar. This will help discourage flies.

– Fill silver pie plates full of ice water and place them underneath the table. You can spray paint them to match the colors of your theme if you’d like. These plates will prevent ants from crawling up the table legs and reaching your cupcakes.

– Decorate your cupcakes wisely. Bright, vibrant colors will attract bees and flies, so try to use softer hues like pastels for your icing and wrappers. You may even consider using a recipe that is complemented by a fresh sprig of basil, mint or rosemary. All of these herbs can add unique flavor and are repellent to bugs.

– Finish your cupcake stand with insect-repellant flowers. Lavender and marigolds both help to keep bugs away and can look beautiful on the top of a cardboard, laminated foam, plastic or acrylic cupcake stand.

– Light some citronella candles and place them on the table or very close by.

It may not be possible to keep insects entirely away from your cupcakes, but you can greatly reduce the number of bugs by following the above tips. If you need advice about selecting a cupcake stand for your particular event, please feel free to contact us.

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