How to Keep Cupcake Frosting from Melting

Photo by Ratterrell

If you’re traveling in a hot car to a special event or holding a reception or other party outdoors in the summer heat, your cupcakes can quickly go from beautiful to bleh. When buttercream frosting gets hot, the butter inside can belt, causing the icing to run. While you can’t completely protect your cupcakes from the heat of a car or the outdoors, there are some steps you can take to reduce the chance of a disaster.

– When baking, add 2 teaspoons of meringue powder for each batch of icing to help your icing resist melting.

– Make a test batch of your icing and replace half of the butter with shortening. Some recipes will still taste delicious with this more heat-hardy substitution.

Get your car cooled down before you pack the cupcakes. Start your car, turn the air-conditioning on and let the car come to a comfortable temperature before putting your cupcakes inside. You may want to opt for putting your cupcakes on the floor in the backseat of your car as opposed to the trunk.

– If your cupcakes will be displayed outside, put them in the freezer for a few hours before the event. This will keep them cooler for longer.

Place ice packs on top of your cupcake carrier while you’re in transit. Because cold air sinks, it is better to position the ice above, not below, the cupcakes.

Keep your cupcakes in the shade. Visit the location of your event a day or two ahead of time at the time during which it will be held. Take note of where the sun is and plan to display your cupcakes in an area that will be out of the direct rays.

If you’re worried about runny icing, we recommend using a plastic, metal or acrylic cupcake stand that is very easy to clean just in case you have to wipe it during the event. For help selecting the right stand, contact us.

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