How To: Make Your Own Low-Cost Cupcake Stand

My very first cupcake stand was one I constructed for my daughter’s first birthday.  It was a little on the flimsy side and very basic but it did the trick.  Since then I’ve practiced my technique a little bit and thought I would share it with you if you’d like to try making your own personalized stand.

The great thing about making your own stand is that it is cheaper than purchasing a stand and you can add your own touch to it to really make it your own.  This stand was made for use during the holidays.  The classic combination of blue and silver allows you to use it into the New Year.

Simple and sparkly blue and silver cupcake stand. Perfect for holiday celebrations

Believe it or not most of the items I needed for construction I actually already had at home.  Here is what you will need to make this stand:

  • Cake bases (2-3 cake circles hot glued together work just as well)
  • Styrofoam circles (to separate the layers)
  • Decorative paper (I used some vinyl paper with a sticky back)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Ribbon (1.5 and 0.5 inches in width)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue for paper
  • Push pins (may be used to help hold the ribbon in place before applying the glue)

Some things you”ll need: glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, pencil, push pins, ribbon, and craft glue

Silver vinyl paper with a sticky back. This will cover each of your tiers. If your paper does not have a sticky back you can easily use glue to affix it to the cake base

The first thing you want to do is get your stand tiers together.  For this stand I actually used cake bases for the larger two tiers (10″ and 8″) and three cake circles hot glued together for the smallest  tier (6″).

The 10″ and 8″ cake bases

Three 6″ cake circles glued together measure the same for thickness as a cake base

Next I would suggest preparing the tier separators.  I used styrofoam circles which I hot glued together until I got the height I was looking for.  You may also use canned goods or any other round, smooth, and sturdy surface.  Using a 1.5″ ribbon and some hot glue, gently affix the ribbon in a downward cascading motion until fully covered.

Four styrofoam circles hot glued together will form each tier separator

Use your hot glue gun to affix each styrofoam circle to one another. Be careful to line them up for a smooth finish

Both styrofoam circle separators covered in ribbon

Next, use each of your tiers to trace the circles onto your paper.  This will ensure your circles are just the right size to perfectly cover your stand tiers.  Once your done tracing, cut them out.

Place each circle on the backside of the paper and trace it with a pencil

Cut each circle out as carefully as you can to get a perfect smooth circle

Cover your tiers with the paper of your choice.  For this stand I found vinyl paper with a sticky back.  Not only is it pretty, it has a wipeable surface and it was on sale!!  If your paper does not have a sticky back, simply use some paper glue to affix it to each tier.

Carefully pulling back the paper backing while affixing it to the cake base

Once your tiers are covered in the paper, you can begin affixing the ribbon to the edges to create a really neat and pretty look.

You can use a pushpin to hold the ribbon in place. Then use a small dab of hot glue to set the ribbon around the perimeter of the circle. I would suggest removing the push pin once the ribbon has set.


One cupcake stand tier ready for assembly

Make sure you find the center of each tier so that you can place the tier separators directly in the center.  Next affix the first tier separator on the largest tier.

The two largest tiers separated by the styrofoam circle

Almost there. Affixing the final tier separator

There it is the finished product. All it needs now is some cupcakes

A few cupcakes sitting on the middle tier

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