Ideas for Christmas Cupcakes

Whether you’re having a Christmas party, planning a Christmas wedding or simply want to add a charming dessert display to your holiday dinner, cupcakes are a festive choice. With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to share some of our favorite Christmas cupcake ideas to help you plan the perfect display for your get-together.

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Figure Cupcakes

A cute idea for a Christmas party or family gathering is to serve cupcakes decorated with traditional holiday figures like Santa Claus, snowmen, gingerbread men or reindeer. You can place these treats on a cardboard cupcake stand that has been trimmed with holiday ribbon, evergreen garland, or tinsel.




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Cupcake Christmas Trees

For small gatherings, a cupcake Christmas tree can make a beautiful centerpiece and is an easy do-it-yourself cupcake display. Simply bake your favorite cupcakes, frost them with green buttercream icing and decorate them with candies to look like ornaments. For the top, use yellow or gold icing or purchase a star topper to finish off your tree. Arrange your cupcakes in a metal cupcake stand with ring holders, and your holiday design is complete.







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Ornament Cupcakes

If you’re purchasing cupcakes for a wedding or enjoy experimenting with fondant and royal icing, ornament cupcakes can make an elegant Christmas display. For the ultimate presentation, use a round cupcake stand decorated with faux or live Christmas greenery.





Photo by Angelina Cupcake

Cake Pops

Kids just love cake pops, so if children will be attending your event, consider opting for a holiday cake pop display. You can make or purchase cake pops decorated in red or green or dressed up as holiday figures. If you wrap your treats in cellophane and place them in a cake pop stand by the door, they can also be taken home as favors.




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