Monkey-Themed Cupcakes: A Mother’s Inspiration

There’s no monkeying around, these cupcakes are super fun for a first birthday

There’s no doubt about it, a first birthday celebration is perhaps one of the biggest occasions of all time! It’s the joy of celebrating 12 glorious months of seeing your child grow, learn, and develop. All those sleepless nights, worry, and exhaustion turn into mere distant memories as you look at that sweet smiling face getting their first taste of frosting and loving it!

When my son was turning one it wasn’t hard to come up with a theme. His nursery was jungle-themed and he was a monkey for Halloween that year so the monkey theme seemed like a no brainer. I bought some yellow, green and brown balloons which I affixed to some bananas as centerpieces on each table. We even had a 5-foot blow up monkey in the corner for fun. And the finishing touch were some monkey-themed treats.

When I look back at the photos from that day, I see some really adorable cupcakes for my very special little man. It was my first try at making custom cupcakes and although they weren’t perfect they were very special and I made them with so much love. But, they looked so sad sitting there on a plain old platter. What would have been great is a cupcake stand on which to display them. Not only would it have made for a great focal point on the dessert table, but it would have been a way to say, ‘these cupcakes are very special, made with love and I want to share them with you.’

My little boy’s first birthday was my very first inspiration for wanting to offer the best and widest selection of cupcakes stands online. Because cupcakes made with that much love deserve only the best.

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