New Years Cupcake Ideas

Hour glass cupcakes are great for New Year’s! Photo by Courtney Lyn Weeks

New Year’s Eve parties are all about mingling and spending time with friends and family, so serving foods that are easy to eat while working the room is important. Cupcakes are an excellent addition to the dessert table at a New Year’s party because they can be enjoyed without a fork.

To give you some inspiration here for your New Year’s Eve cupcake displays, here’s a few of our favorite ideas.

Midnight Snack Spiral

At an intimate gathering, present your cupcakes shortly after midnight in a spiral stand. Top each with a lit sparkler, turn down the lights and toast the New Year in sparkling style.

Recommended Cupcake Stand: 2 Dozen White Ascending Cupcake Stand

Resolution Cupcake Solution

Place your cupcakes on a round tiered stand. Top each with a “flag” made of plain white paper taped to a toothpick or plastic stake. Place a stack of mini pencils nearby so guests can pull off the paper and write down their New Year’s resolutions. Top the stand with a glass jar or fish bowl into which guests can drop their resolutions. After midnight, read a few aloud for fun! Just remember to put a small empty bowl beside your stand to collect the discarded sticks and keep things tidy.

Recommended Cupcake Stand: Plastic Foam Core Three Tier Cupcake Stand

Father Time Configuration

Buy or bake cupcakes decorated with an hourglass motif and place them on a shimmering stand. For a great effect, line the unfinished edges of a cupcake stand with hot glue and affix decorative sand or glitter in gold to the edges.

Recommended Cupcake Stand: Small Round Cardboard Cupcake Tree

Champagne Companions

Nothing complements champagne quite like strawberries, so select strawberry filled cupcakes or strawberry macaroons for your display. Place a bowl of fresh strawberries or decadent chocolate-covered strawberries on the top tier for a special finishing touch.

Recommended Cupcake Stand: 5 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand

It’s not too late to order your cupcake stand for New Year’s! Express shipping is available to most U.S. locations. Contact us for more information.

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