One Cupcake Stand, 10 Ways!

Made out of lightweight pressed cardboard, the Original Round Cupcaketree is by far one of the most versatile cupcake stands available on the market. The stand can be embellished with a wide variety of items to transform it into a one-of-a-kind cupcake stand for a special occasion. To give you some design inspiration, we’ve put together this photo gallery of 10 of our favorite looks

1. Plain Edges with Fresh Flowers

2. Vertical Satin Ribbons and Bows

3. Black Spray Paint, Plain Edges

4. Patterned Ribbon and Crepe Paper Leaves and Flowers

5. Pompom Edging

6. Decorative Paper, Red Satin Ribbon and Fresh Red Roses

7. Diecut Paper

8. Brown Spray Paint, Mixed Potted Plants

9. Colored Paper Levels, Ribbon Edges

10. White Lace Border



In addition to the original Cupcaketree cupcake stand, Totally Cupcake has additional cardboard cupcake stands available for your project. If you need help selecting the right stand, contact us for assistance.

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