Questions to Ask a Baker When Shopping for Wedding Cupcakes

Photo by Joses Tirtabudi

If you’re planning to purchase the cupcakes for your wedding or another special event, choosing the right baker is of the utmost importance. Nowadays, many bakeries offer cupcakes for weddings and other events, meaning you’ll likely have at least a few places to choose from when it comes time to order.

Before you sign a contract or make a deposit, it’s important that you carefully research all of your options and conduct interviews with prospective bakeries. You can use these questions as a guide to make sure you cover all of the bases when you’re talking with bakers.

Are your cupcakes fresh? For the best taste, choose a bakery that will bake cupcakes fresh for your event, not deliver treats that were previous frozen and thawed.

What flavor combinations are available? Be sure to gather information about all of the icing, cake and filling options. Many bakeries will provide you with samples to help you make your decision.

Do you bake cakes as well? If you’re looking for a cake topper or a groom’s cake in addition to your cupcakes, ordering these from the same bakery can save you time.

What are the prices of your cupcakes? What factors influence the price? Some bakeries up-charge for special decorations, have premium flavors that cost more or add fees for various services.

Will you deliver and set up the cupcakes? Is there a fee for this service? Keep in mind that if your bakery won’t deliver or doesn’t offer setup, you’ll need to delegate the task to someone or handle it yourself on your big day.

Can we provide our own cupcake stands? To ensure that your cupcake display is precisely what you’re envisioning, select a bakery that will allow you to purchase your own stands if you wish.

How long can we make changes to our order? Look for a bakery that has flexible policies that will allow you to add or subtract from your head count or make changes to the design in the weeks before your event.

Do you require a deposit? How much is it, and what is your cancellation policy? Remember that unforeseen circumstances can always arise and cause you to delay or change the date of your event. Make sure that you understand the consequences of cancellation up front.

What types of payments do you take, and when is final payment due? Understanding the payment terms will help you avoid paying any late fees and ensure that you have cash or a credit card available for payment as needed.

Can you provide me with a list of references? Do you have a portfolio that I can look through? Reputable bakeries should be able to furnish a list of satisfied customers and have photographs of previous work.

By asking these simple questions, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

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