Should You Serve a Cake with Your Wedding Cupcakes?

Wedding cupcakes with a cutting cake by the Meringue Bake Shop


You love the idea of having cupcakes at your wedding, so you’re sure you want to use them instead of a wedding cake. You’re all set to order, but then your baker asks you if you want a small cake as well.

Suddenly, you’re torn. “Do I need a cake?” you wonder, and quickly your easy dessert decision becomes much more complicated.

If you’re serving cupcakes at your wedding, you’ll have three cake options available. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each option, so that you can make your decision.

Cutting Cake

What It Is: A cutting cake is a small round cake decorated to match your cupcakes. It is usually displayed on a multi-tier stand above the cupcakes.

Pros: Having a cutting cake allows you to participate in the tradition of cutting your cake in front of your guests. It provides photo opportunities and makes serving cupcakes a little more traditional.

Cons: Adding a cutting cake is an extra expense on top of your cupcake costs, and because this cake isn’t served to guests, there is a risk of it going to waste.

Groom’s Cake

What It Is: A groom’s cake is displayed in a separate area away from your cupcakes. It is usually decorated to match the interests of the groom or the couple.

Pros: A groom’s cake can be used in a cutting ceremony and gives guests two choices for dessert.

Cons: It can be difficult to estimate how large of a groom’s cake you’ll need along with your cupcakes, so there is a chance for waste. Because groom’s cakes are usually specialty designs, they can be very costly.

No Cake

What It Is: This obviously needs no explanation. You have the option to let your cupcakes be the only dessert served, or you can serve cupcakes and have a completely different dessert, such as a chocolate fountain or a cheese and fruit spread.

Pros: Serving only cupcakes is generally less expensive than serving cupcakes and a second cake. Many brides like the look of a cupcake stand that is covered only with cupcakes.

Cons: Cupcakes can’t be cut in front of guests; however, some couples choose to feed a cupcake to one another as a compromise.

Whatever you decide, Totally Cupcake has the perfect stand for your display. If you need help selecting one, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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