5 Simple Cupcake Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and if you need to do some last minute planning for Halloween treats, there’s no reason to panic. Cupcakes don’t have to be fancy to be very festive for the holiday. Check out these ultra simple cupcake decorating ideas to make some great treats that aren’t a trick to prepare.


1. Candy Corn Cupcakes

Photo by M.E.C.

These cupcakes are colorful and simple to make for Halloween. Just ice chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put one candy corn in the middle to have some yummy treats ready in a jiff.

2. Crafty Cupcakes

Photo by Jason Alley

If you’re more of a crafter than a baker, these cupcakes are right up your alley. They are black and orange confetti cupcakes topped with peach frosting, orange and black sprinkles and cardboard bats and ghosts on toothpicks.

3. Star Tip Frosting

Photo by Ikayama

With a star tip, you can make these fancy frosted cupcakes. Just pipe small dollops of frosting al over the top and finish with festive sprinkles. These are shaped like pumpkins and bats.

4. Plastic Pumpkins

Photo by Meringue Bake Shop

You can have these cute cupcakes ready in a flash. Just frost your cupcakes with vanilla icing, dust them with orange sugar and pop a plastic pumpkin topper in the center.

5. Squirmy Worms

Photo by Creative-Cupcake-Ideas.com

These cupcakes are creepy and cute at the same time. To make them, place eyes on gummy worms using dots of black icing. Then, arrange them on top of cupcakes that have been frosted with neon green icing.

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