Spring and Summer 2013 Cupcake Trends

Pastry chefs around the globe are inspired by the looks of the moment. Just as trends in fashion come and go with every season, there seem to be cupcake trends with every season. If you’re planning event for this spring or summer, consider serving up treats in one of these popular cupcake looks of the season.


Vintage cupcakes by chroemli_me

Vintage-inspired cupcakes with soft colors, pearl details and cameos are incredibly popular right now. These cupcakes are typically very ornate and don’t need a lot of decoration when it comes to a stand. We suggest using an acrylic multi-tier stand to keep the emphasis on the icing.

Hedgehog cupcakes by Cupcakes by Christina

Hedgehog cupcakes are an adorable cupcake trend for this season. These are perfect for everything from children’s parties to informal wedding receptions. For the perfect display, arrange your cute hedgehogs on a square stand like our plastic laminated foam core tower. Top the stand with a decadent chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries for the perfect finishing touch.

Chocolate quinoa cupcakes by highlighters

Quinoa cupcakes are a healthy baking trend of the season. These treats incorporate quinoa seeds, which are grown on organic farms in the Andes region of Peru. Rich in fiber and featuring a complete amino acid profile, quinoa has all the benefits of a whole grain and makes for delicious cupcakes, particularly when paired with chocolate. You can dress up simple quinoa cupcakes like the ones shown above with a decorative stand like our Adjustable 3 Tier Flower Stand.

Turquoise Cupcakes by Impian Kitchen

Turquoise is a big color for the season, and icing in this beautiful blue-green shade is incredibly popular right now. To continue the turquoise theme, pick a cardboard cupcake tree and decorate the edges with turquoise beads, sequins or silk flowers.

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