Tips for Decorating Cupcakes with Flowers

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For weddings and other dressy events, adding fresh flowers to cupcakes can make for an elegant presentation and for relatively easy decorating. If you’re making your own cupcakes and intend to use flowers, keep the following tips in mind to ensure your success.

  • Use hearty flowers whenever possible. Blooms like gerber daisies, roses and orchids are easier to work with and better able to withstand handling than more delicate flowers. Consult a florist for advice over which blooms will work the best.
  • Avoid poisonous blossoms. Even though guests will be removing the flowers prior to enjoying your cupcakes, don’t use flowers that are non-edible, such as calla lilies, daffodils, hyacinths, hydrangeas, irises or sweet peas. Again, you can check with a florist or do some research online before selecting your blooms.
  • Cover the stems. The liquid that florists store flowers in is not entirely water. Strong preservatives, including formaldehyde are used in florist water, and these chemicals can taint the taste of cupcakes and potentially make guests sick. Before placing a blossom onto your cupcake, wrap the step in cellophane or cover it with a cut drinking straw to avoid contaminating the cupcakes.
  • Keep flowers in a sterilized vase with water in the refrigerator until it’s time to use them. This will ensure their freshness and safety.
  • Store decorated cupcakes in the refrigerator for as long as possible. Consider having cupcakes served by waitstaff instead of placed on a buffet table, so that  they can stay cold until the last possible minute.
  • Choose the right stand if you’re displaying your cupcakes. Because fresh flowers are delicate and thrive in areas where air can freely circulate, choose a large stand with plenty of room. Stands that are made from metal and plastic can be chilled to help preserve the freshness of flowers.

For advice on selecting a cupcake stand for your event or more information about decorating cupcakes, please feel free to contact us.

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