Tips for Serving Cupcakes to Kids

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Cupcakes are perfect for little fingers and little mouths and are an excellent way to control portion sizes to make sure kids don’t get overloaded with sweets. When you’re planning to serve cupcakes at a holiday party, family get-together or birthday party, you can minimize mess and keep your little guests happy by following these simple tips.

Remove the wrappers. While decorative cupcake papers can add to the look of your cupcake display, kids sometimes struggle with peeling off the papers, which can lead to a crumbly mess. If you’re baking your own cupcakes, consider using vinyl reusable cups, so that you can easily lift out the treats and display them. Purchasing cupcakes from a bakery? If so, remove the wrappers before you place them on your cupcake stand

Stock up on napkins. If you’re planning to have cupcakes in place of cake, it’s a good ideal to have double the napkins on hand, just in case of a messy emergency.

Don’t forget the forks. While cupcakes are traditionally eaten with your fingers, some children, especially those with autism and other sensitivities, do not like getting their hands dirty. Having a few disposable forks on hand can help prevent tears.

Say no to nuts. Peanuts are the number one food allergen among children, and incidences of nut allergies are on the rise. If you’re making your own cupcakes, don’t include any type of nut products to ensure that all the children who attend your event can enjoy the dessert. When you purchase cupcakes from a bakery, ask if the cupcakes are nut-free and made in an area that is separate from where nuts are used. This is a standard practice at many bakeries, and a reputable business should be prepared to answer your question.

Offer a healthy “side dish.” Parents will appreciate you serving something healthy on your dessert table along with your cupcakes. Fresh fruit arranged on a platter with a dip or skewered and served as kabobs are fun options that kids will love. Cubes of cheese are also kid-pleasers and go great with sweets.

A simple white plastic stand is perfect for displaying cupcake for a child’s party.

Opt for a kid-friendly display. When you’re serving kids, go for a stand that is designed for easy serving. Opt for a cardboard stand that you can customize with ribbon or beads or look for a reusable PVC or plastic stand that can be used birthday after birthday. Steer clear of stands with metal ring holders, as these can be hard for kids to self-serve from.

If you need more advice about creating a cupcake display for kids, feel free to contact us!

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