Types of Cupcake Liners

When you’re baking your own cupcakes for a special event, one of the many decisions you’ll need to make is what type of liners or wrappers to use. Along with your cupcake stand, your cupcake liners contribute to the look of your cupcake display, and when you’re baking, the wrappers also influence the success of your treats.

Glassine cupcake wrappers have a translucent look. Photo by OrchidGalore

As you begin to shop for cupcake liners, you’ll find a wide variety of choices available. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together this handy guide to types of cupcake liners.

Pressed Paper – Pressed paper cupcake wrappers are among the most popular choices for cupcake displays. Manufacturers now make pressed paper wrappers in a wide variety of decorative colors and patterns. With pressed paper wrappers, you can bake your cupcakes and present them in the same liners, saving you time; however, some people find that pressed paper wrappers are not as strong as other types.

Glassine РCupcake liners made from glassine feature paper that has been put through a special process that makes it more resistant to oil and moisture. Most glassine liners are  translucent and have a waxy feel. Glassine liners are stronger and more durable than pressed paper. For those concerned with style, glassine wrappers come in a rainbow of solid colors, but patterned glassine liners are rare.

Foil cupcake wrappers are sleek and stylish; photo by JonaThunder

Foil – Foil cupcake liners are crafted from aluminum foil. These wrappers are very strong and retain their shape without the need for a baking tin, allowing you to bake cupcakes on an ordinary cookie sheet. Foil cupcake liners have a shiny surface and are sold in many solid colors but feature patterns infrequently.

Silicone – Like foil wrappers, silicone liners are very strong and can be used without a baking tin. Silicone wrappers are also washable and reusable; however, they typically are not used for display purposes.

Diecut – Diecut cupcake liners are decorative wrappers that feature stylish cutaways and unique shapes. These beautiful liners are typically used only for display purposes. If you opt for diecut wrappers, you’ll typically need to bake your treats in another type of wrapper and then transfer them to the display wrappers once they have cooled.

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