Types of Decorative Dust for Cupcakes

Cupcakes with luster dust stars by megpi


Even seasoned cupcake bakers are sometimes mystified by the wide array of decorative options available to complete their designs. One of the most confusing types of icing decorations is dust. Finer than sanding sugars, dusts are sold in many different varieties, each of which is well suited toward a specific task.

To help you with your cupcake baking, we’ve put together this guide to dusts.

Luster dust has a distinctive shine and contains color. It is most often used to create metallic icings for cupcakes.

Highlighter dust is even more metallic than luster dust and produces a very shiny look. It is typically only available in gold and silver.

Petal dust is used to create vibrant colors. It is not metallic and most often used for producing realistic icing flowers on cupcakes.

Pearl dust has a more iridescent look than a metallic shine. It is somewhat see-through and can be used with petal dust or on its own.

Sparkle dust has slightly coarser grains than other varieties of dust, giving it a gem-like appearance. Like luster dust, it is used for coloration and metallic shine.

Disco dust has the largest grains of all of the dusts. It resembles glitter when used in icing and will not mix in and disappear the way finer dusts will.

Because there are so many varieties of dust, it’s a good idea to bake practice cakes when you first begin experimenting with them. This will help you get the hang of using dusts and ensure that your cupcakes are picture perfect for an event or get-together.

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